ESP-01 Wifi Relay

Today I dug out a couple of ESP-01 Wifi Relays. They have plug in ESP8266 modules which I unplugged and flashed with Tasmota. While the ESP8266 modules are the same the relay boards are different. The first one worked immediately with GPIO0 configured for Relay1i but I have tried configuring every available GPIO, one at a time, as Relay1i on the second board labeled HW-655 and none of them operates the relay.
I’m using the Generic template and it shows Relay along side GPIO12. I don’t know whether that is of any significance.

The HW-655 relay module looks like this.
Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?

Is this any help (part way down there is a link to a GitHub page…)

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The HW-622 template didn’t work but the ESP8266 Relay Board Mod did.

Thanks guys for your input.