ESP based milight hub without mqtt


I am trying to replace my original milight hub by an ESP based one. The new hub works perfectly, but I want to use it in openhab as a real hub replacement, so by using the normal milight binding instead of the dedicated ESP milight binding. I want this because I am not really familiar with MQTT.
So what I managed to do is to configure the new hub in a way the the milight binding detects it by setting a device_id and port in the UDP section of the hub.
Now openhab detects the new hub, but it is always shown as “offline”. I configured the hub as a version 5. I tried version 6 also, but then the milight binding doesn’t detect it.
Am I doing something wrong or is the ESP based hub not really compatible with the original one?

Your help is very much appreciated.

I would encourage you to use the MQTT version of the binding which is in the process of getting merged at the moment.