ESP32 based BLE, 433mhz & IR gateway bidirectional with MQTT --> OpenMQTTGateway

Hi Dom,

For such combination I suggest that you build it yourself with either platformio or arduino IDE.
This way you will get something more adapted to your need.

I’ve alredy done that but I’ve got a problem probably with ZmqttDiscovery :frowning:
In my builds it isn’t working and I have no idea why :frowning:
In your build nodemcuv2-rf gateway is publishing 2 topics :

  1. home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT
  2. homeassistant/… (I’ve forrget save log with this topic )

In my builds I’ve got only first one . Should I do something more than uncomment #define ZmqttDiscovery in User_config.h to make it work?

Could you send/paste User_config.h from your bulids ( nodemcuv2 RF and nodemcuv2 ALL ) ?

BTW. Is it possible to make together RF+RF2+IR+DHT+HADiscovery using nodemcu?

Probably I’ve got similar problem :

I set
Into pubsubclient.h

And now it work !

Great !

Just added to OMG:


As a part of many feature available for tests on v0.9.4beta

v0.9.4 is out for info. It adds the following features/fixes:

Under the hood:

Thanks to the numerous contributors to this version!

Breaking changes:

  • Home assistant discovery of luminance value is now with lx unity instead of lu
  • actuatorONOFF API has been modified, see docs, pin is replaced by GPIO
  • all system attributes published to SYStoMQTT are now lower case, example:

You can find it below:

v0.9.5 is out, I hope you will enjoy it,
A big thank you to @jmw6773 & @Legion2 for their numerous contributions!

–Here is the content–
New devices:

New boards:

New features:

Aside from the code:

  • A new way to retrieve the compatible devices, boards and parts, through a website

Under the hood:


Deprecate - items that will be removed on the next release:

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Big release time, I hope you enjoy it!

This one brings a lot of features and improvements.

  • In particular the support of RTL_433 library to ESP32 thanks to @NorthernMan54. This is a huge addition to the community as this library enables to support a lot of new protocols. More than 75 433Mhz protocols supported with an ESP32 + a CC1101!
    Here is an example with a weather station:

{"model":"WS2032","id":38553,"battery_ok":1,"temperature_C":22.3,"humidity":65,"wind_dir_deg":90.0,"wind_avg_km_h":0,"wind_max_km_h":0,"rain":256,"flags":0,"mic":"CRC","protocol":"WS2032 weather station","rssi":-52,"duration":511982}
  • Also, @csiki2 improved the BLE gateway by adding a queue mechanism, bringing more stability to the gateway, and improving the number of BLE packets transmitted. Thanks to this, the gateway can now be configured for the continuous scan (TimeBtwRead:0, Scan_duration:1000) and catch easily BLE PIR and door/window sensors events.

But that’s not all, let’s take a deeper look at all the new devices, boards, and features!

New devices:

New boards:

New features:

Under the hood:



Deprecate - items that will be removed on the next release:

  • SimplePublishing and simpleReceiving methods will be removed see why here
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Release time!

The 0.9.7 brings a lot of features and improvements to BLE and TLS functions.

  • The support of a generic BLE connection to devices, you can now trigger a READ/WRITE to a BLE device through your ESP32 with MQTT. The gateway will initiate a connection to the device and acts on the service and characteristic given. For a value reading or writing. This opens a lot of integration possibilities, among others the control of actuators, valves, light, relays…
    It could also be a good way to test a value retrieval with a BLE connection before asking for a native integration into the gateway.

Example MQTT message format:

mosquitto_pub -t home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoBT/config -m '{ "ble_write_address":"AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF", "ble_write_service":"cba20d00-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b", "ble_write_char":"cba20002-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b", "ble_write_value":"TEST", "value_type":"STRING", "ttl":4 }'
  • Efforts have been made around the security connection functions, the TLS connection can now be configured within the configuration web page by adding the server root certificate (copy&paste) and checking a box.
    You can alternatively use self-signed certificates and even several sets of them, if you want to handle several MQTT servers. With this comes also the ability to change the MQTT server by MQTT, with automatic return to the previous configuration if not working.

  • So as to make the update of the gateway you are now able to trigger it through MQTT, if the version is different than the current one and if the password is OK, the gateway will download and install the linked firmware.

mosquitto_pub -t "home/<gateway_name>/commands/firmware_update" -m '{ "version": "test", "password": "OTAPASSWORD", "url": "" }'

But that’s not all, let’s take a deeper look at all the new devices and features!

New devices:

New features:

Under the hood:



Deprecate - functions that will be removed or modified on the next release:

  • The default gateway name for ESP will be generated automatically from the MAC address per default, OpenMQTTGateway in the AP name and the topic will be replaced:
    AP Name: OMG_112233445566
    Topic: home/112233445566/BTtoMQTT
    Setting the Gateway_name will not be needed anymore unless you want to do it explicitely.
  • SimplePublishing and simpleReceiving methods will be removed see why here

V0.9.9 is out !

What’s Changed

Among new devices and boards this release brings some exciting features like the capability to connect and control a BLE device like a switchbot, here is a sample command for the SWITCHBOT S1:

  "ble_write_address": "FF:AA:BB:FF:DD:EE",
  "ble_write_service": "cba20d00-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b",
  "ble_write_char": "cba20002-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b",
  "ble_write_value": "570100",
  "value_type": "HEX",
  "ttl": 4,
  "immediate": true

OMG has been supporting for a long time reading of BLE broadcasters, we can also read data through a BLE connection but being able to act on a BLE device is something new. Opening a lot of possibilities and use cases like controlling BLE actuators, lights, valves, plugs…
Feel free to test and share your snippets of OMG command for the others!
Do you like BBQ? So get ready for the sunny months and set up your meat cooking monitoring thanks to 3 Inkbird BBQ sensors supported.
You are a professional looking for an ESP32 firmware that can integrate to AWS and send sensor data, OMG now supports this type of integration.
But that’s not all, here is the exhaustive list of improvements!



  • ThermoBeacon WS08
  • ThermoBeacon WS02
  • BlueMaestro TempoDisc
  • INKBIRD 6XS and 2X BBQ sensor support
  • GOVEE H5075, H5072 and H5102




  • [BREAKING] Change unique id structure for HASS discovery by @1technophile in #1147
    You will see duplicate entities if you use HASS autodiscovery, explanation here
  • [BREAKING] Differentiate WM version by @1technophile in #1148
    If you are using your own PlatformIO environment you will need to add the link to the suitable wifimanager library directly into your environment library list:
lib_deps =


lib_deps =


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.8…v0.9.9

v0.9.12 is out!

@h2zero integrated natively SwitchBot S1 BLE control to this release, the switch is auto-discovered like all the other BLE sensors with OMG.

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.11…v0.9.12

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v0.9.15 is out:

New sensors:


Full Changelog: v0.9.14…v0.9.15

An exciting release V1.0.0 for OpenMQTTGateway, with 3 major changes:

  • @NorthernMan54 added the support of the HELTEC LORA 32 433Mhz with RTL_433 :signal_strength:. Isn’t it huge?:partying_face:
    No need to solder or check pins. Just upload heltec-rtl_433 from the web upload to the board, and you will benefit from the most powerful 433mhz library decoding, RTL_433 , we support Pulse Position Modulation (OOK_PPM) and Pulse Width Modulation (OOK_PWM) as a start (this is 80 decoders🙂).
    A great way to pick up weather stations, sensors, door bells… the list of compatible devices is huge. Feel free to share your feedback in the forum.
  • Added to the 433mhz, @DigiH did a huge work on the Bluetooth decoder, adding many new devices and improving the existing ones!
    The decoder now supports more than 55 devices!
    You can enjoy this changes with OpenMQTTGateway, but also with the TheengsGateway, the Theengs App will be updated soon.
    Note that Theengs Gateway can also work with OpenMQTTGateway as satellites/proxies. See our MQTTtoMQTT function implemented in June in OMG.
  • Thanks to @BadWolf42, we can now persist the BLE configuration to don’t rely only on the broker-retained values

And plenty of other changes thanks to the help of our contributors.

What’s Changed

New BLE devices and changes:

Devices Model Measurements
Amazfit Smart Watch/Band steps, activity heart rate (when activated in the Zepp Life settings)
ClearGrass CGG1 multi firmware support PVVX-ATC
Hydractiva Digital Amphiro/Oras sessions/time/litres/temperature/energy
April Brother ABTemp uuid/mfid/major/txpower @ 1 m/temperature/battery
April Brother N03 temperature/humidity/luminance/battery
ClearGrass Clock LYWSD02 temperature/humidity/battery
Oria/Brifit/SigmaWit/SensorPro TH Sensor temperature/humidity/battery
Qingping CGPR1 presence/luminance/battery
Qingping CGDN1 temperature/humidity/PM2.5/PM10/carbon dioxide
RDL52832 mfid/uuid/minor/major/txpower @ 1 m/temperature/humidity/acceleration
RBaron b-parasite moisture/temperature/humidity/luminance (v1.1.0+)/voltage
SmartDry Laundry Sensor temperature/humidity/shake/voltage/wake
Switchbot Motion Sensor movement/light level/sensing distance/led/scope tested/battery
Switchbot Contact Sensor contact/movement/scope tested/light level/battery
Switchbot Curtain motion state/position/light level/battery/calibration state
Thermobeacon WS02 temperature/humidity/voltage/timestamp/maximum temperature/maximum temperature timestamp/minimum temperature/minimum temperature timestamp
Thermobeacon WS08 temperature/humidity/voltage/timestamp/maximum temperature/maximum temperature timestamp/minimum temperature/minimum temperature timestamp
ThermoPro TP357 temperature/humidity
ThermoPro TP358 temperature/humidity
ThermoPro TP359 temperature/humidity
Oria/Brifit/SigmaWit/SensorPro TH Sensor temperature/humidity/battery
Otio/BeeWi Door & Window Sensor contact/battery

Features and fixes:


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.16…v1.0.0

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OpenMQTTGateway V1.2.0 released!

What’s Changed

This one is huge. More boards supported, more devices, and some exciting changes to make your life easier :confetti_ball:
The auto-discovery is seeing new improvements to have better control of the gateway, but in particular, it now supports RTL_433 ESP32 !!
So with one binary flash in less than 5 minutes, you can retrieve your 433Mhz sensors, and OMG will automatically create the devices into your favorite Home Automation controller.

Added to this, you can also see the RTL_433 sensor messages on the screen. Thanks @NorthernMan54 .

We also reached a significant milestone of the Theengs Decoder with V1.0.0 thanks to @DigiH, more than 70 BLE devices supported :rocket:
New boards:

New BLE devices and changes:

Devices Model Measurements
BlueMaestro TempoDisc 1 in 1 temperature/battery
BlueMaestro TempoDisc 4 in 1 temperature/humidity/pressure/battery
ClearGrass alarm clock CGD1 temperature/humidity/battery
ClearGrass alarm clock CGC1 temperature/humidity/battery
GOVEE H5074 temperature/humidity/battery
GOVEE H5101 temperature/humidity/battery
GOVEE H5106 PM2.5/temperature/humidity/battery
GOVEE H5174 temperature/humidity/battery
GOVEE H5177 temperature/humidity/battery
Oria/Brifit/SigmaWit/SensorPro TH Sensor T301 temperature/humidity/battery
Mopeka Pro temperature/level/sync status/voltage/battery/reading quality
Sensirion MyCO₂/CO₂ Gadget temperature/humidity/carbon dioxide
Sensirion SHT4X TH sensor temperature/humidity
ThermoPro TP393 temperature/humidity


  • [Discovery] - Transform switch discovery to button when relevant by @1technophile in #1356
  • [Discovery] - Add numbers for interval and scans netween connects by @1technophile in #1357
  • [Discovery] Save the BLE settings and change switch to optimistic false by @1technophile in #1364
  • [Discovery] Remove auto discovery switch by @1technophile in #1365
  • [BREAKING] Add RTL_433 discovery with Home Assistant convention by @1technophile in #1379 , if you add sensor for RTL_433 OMG you will have to update your topic structure as it changed with this PR.




New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.1.1…v1.2.0


I’m happy to share with you the launch of Theengs Plug

The first product powered by OpenMQTTGateway out of the box.

The plug is available for North American customers and can:

  • Be controlled remotely
  • Act as a Bluetooth Gateway to retrieve data from sensors
  • Measure the energy consumption of the plugged device

Here are the characteristics:

Power Supply 100-120VAC, 60Hz
Max current 15A
Microcontroller ESP32
WiFi Band 2.4 GHz
Protocol MQTT
Operating Humidity 0%~95% (No condensation)
Operating Temperature 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC
Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Dimensions 4.05in * 1.37in * 2.4in/103mm * 34.6mm * 61mm

Theengs Plug hardware is UL certified.

The plug will be preloaded with OpenMQTTGateway and will support over 50 BLE devices.

This is also a way you can support the OpenMQTTGateway project!

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