ESP32 based BLE, 433mhz & IR gateway bidirectional with MQTT --> OpenMQTTGateway


Here is a new version of the 433mhz MQTT gateway compatible with esp8266, which make it cheaper and flexible than using and arduino uno and an ethernet shield!

[EDIT] all the informations are now centralized on the OpenMQTTGateway github

Hope this can help!


Just added IR reception and emission to the gateway so as to integrate it with IR devices

With a cheap esp8266 and some extra component you can now control your plugs, tv, hifi, climatization and receive data from your remote controller either infrared or 433mhz

A major change for the gateway:

I have merged the code of arduino Uno and esp8266 into one code and added improvements. I renamed the program to OpenMQTTGateway.

the previous version is still available here

The documentation is now on the github wiki


Hello @1technophile , i tried this lastnight and today. Great work! i’m only using the IR part but it’s exactly what i was looking for.

Hello @crightonsetchfield,

great to hear some feedback!
Keep an eye to the github repository I’m currently working on new functionnalities

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Just added beacons detection to the gateway, thanks to an HM 10 module the gateway is now able to detect BLE beacons and their corresponding signals:

home/BTtoMQTT/445F3666113E -085
home/BTtoMQTT/7F04B36BA3F2 -085
home/BTtoMQTT/63F9FE29FBC2 -088
home/BTtoMQTT/445F3666113E -086
home/BTtoMQTT/7F04B36BA3F2 -086
home/BTtoMQTT/462C2834FFE1 -090
home/BTtoMQTT/63F9FE29FBC2 -085

Usefull for presence detection.


Any possibility to add an IR repeater functionality in the future? (push out what is received to the IR emmiter)

This would allow me to replace an arduino sitting next the the openmqttgateway just to accomplish this same function.

Also useful for anyone wanting to hide dvd / bluray / satellite from view…

just seems like it could be easily done.

Yes it is planned, you can suscribe to this issue and you will get noticed when operational.

Just to let you know I’m exactly on the situation of hiding my internet/media box and currently need to use a door reflection to control them :confused:

Hi there! thanks for all your hard work and generosity!
any plan foe an esp32 port?

Best regards!


I have an esp32 waiting for OpenMQTTGateway to be loaded, but before that I’m monitoring the esp32 arduino env development. There is currently discussions on BLE support and other points with works to be done before digging into this board.

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Great to hear that!
Ble is a work in progress, thougj i tested some sketches that readed beacons effortlesly— i could not get rc-switch library
working though…
mentioned sketch is here:

Best regards!

Thanks for the link I will take a look

Just published a new release V0.3 with the following content:

  • Add BLE beacons detection thanks to HM10 keyes module
  • Add the possibility to pass raw data to and from mqtt from and to IR
  • Add the ability to handle RF codes with different bit length than 24
  • Add RF and IR repeater function
  • Add the possibility to filter unknown protocols for IR
  • Add the possibility to take into account Sony IR protocol special parameters
  • Correct DHT wrong pin assignement
  • Add an option to don’t resend dht temperature and humidity when there is no value change
  • Change to GPL V3 license to prepare future libraries add

Just a quick comment, this doesn’t work with the newest IRremoteESP8266 version 2.1.0 , but does work with 1.1.1 i’m not sure about all the ones in between.

I discovered this after a few hours of trying to get it to work on second pc when it was working ok on first :smiley:

I’m not sure about all the versions in between… i imagine something changed at 2.0?

error was related to IRrecv doesn’t name a type.

You’re right last version of irremote esp8266 is currently not compatible. My advise is to take the libraries linked into the libraries folder to be sure of the library version. I will add this tip to the wiki.
The integration of irremote esp8266 last version is in progress.

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V0.4-beta is out

This release add several gateways and sensors to the mix:

  • RFM69 bidirectional gateway, enable now to talk to moteino and other RFM69 based devices with the RFM69 advantages; long range, acknowledgment, encryption. This gateway is based on the work of @bbx10
  • I2C sensor support thanks to the work of @hannesdi
  • Over The Air update thanks to the work of @PatteWi
  • RF with KAKU protocol supported when sending MQTTtoRF2, thanks to the newremoteswitch library from @fuzzylogic
  • support now new IRRemote_ESP8266 library 2.x.x
  • HM-11 is now supported added to HM-10
  • I divided user_config.h into one config file per gateway/sensor so as to avoid taking all the parameters when using only parts of the gateway

This is a beta version, testers are welcome.


Hello again, i have just a small question, i’m looking for what is probably an easy answer, but i just cant think in the right way tonight.

Is it possible to use a single item in openhab, representing “home/commands/MQTTtoIR” for example, and then create different buttons/switches to send different values representing the IR code i want to use?

or to rephrase, send from habpanel button maybe, 3031718565 and from another button 3031718444 to the same ITEM and this will publish to the gateway and then send the IR signal?

Is this possible? i’ve been using so far in a totally different way, but thought this could be easier if it were possible…

Thanks in advance


Here is how I do it which should answer to your question:

> Switch PlugSwitch3A			"TV Wii"			<light>	(GF_SA,Plugs)					{mqtt=">[broque:home/commands/MQTTto433:command:ON:5263297],>[broque:home/commands/MQTTto433:command:OFF:5263700],<[broque:home/433toMQTT:state:ON:5263297],<[broque:home/433toMQTT:state:OFF:5263700]"}
> Switch PlugSwitch4B			"Lumière salon"		<light>	(GF_SA,Plugs,Lights_Random)		{mqtt=">[broque:home/commands/MQTTto433:command:ON:5264757],>[broque:home/commands/MQTTto433:command:OFF:5265660],<[broque:home/433toMQTT:state:ON:5264757],<[broque:home/433toMQTT:state:OFF:5265660]"}

Thanks for the reply, i will try to test the new beta tomorrow as i’m having some problems with the IR repeat since a few days, but hopefully i can resolve that myself. :smiley:

Thanks for the quick reply, and for the great tool!

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Some explanations about why I added RFM69 to the gateway:

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