Esp32 cam

Hi There

Starting to build up my smart home building it around esp8266 and mysensors

I have 2 esp32 cams which are streaming over ip
I’m at a loss how to integrate these into openhab if anyone has managed it please point me in the right direction


I suppose this might be relevant

what format can these cameras do and can they stream in two different formats at the same time? Any known limitations?

this is the board its avail from all the usual Chinese outlets

Okay, so you’ll need to find out what software you chose to install and what formats that can stream in.

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I’ve tried the plugin saying it’s online but not seeing an image will keep digging

have you tried the url that is explained on that url?
somehwere on the page it says " integrate video streaming in your home automation platform (like Node-RED or Home Assistant)"

As far as I can see you just use the IP, but I honestly didn’t read the links, so perhaps something more needs to be configured.

I have one of these somewhere in the drawer, haven’t got the time to set open it yet

I have one working now and this should work if you use the default demo sketch or any of the firmwares based off it…