ESP32 + LoRa + Bluetooth + Screen

What do you think of these components that start to be available from multiple sources (that’s 3 components in one).

  • LoRa is a really slow long distance (a few km) IoT wireless protocol.
  • ESP32 is an arduino’s like board with bluetooth and WiFi

Very interesting. Though I do not have an immediate use for it, I will surely take not of their existence, just in case. Thanks for pointing out.
Obviously the BT could be used for presence detection. I am not sure but i was under the impression that ESP32’s BT was in fact BLE and I do not have much experience with that.
Currently I use LoRa to keep track of another property about half a mile away. Self-built with an RFM69+ProMini, and this could easily replace that.
Maybe I will just have to get one and play around with it