ESP8266+ATMega Switchplug, best way for Openhab?


just seen a kickstarter campaign with an open programmable socket. Now I try to figure out whats the best way to use with openHAB.
Done quite a few thinks with Arduino-Ethernet and MQTT before, but is that same way simple with the ESP8266?
There is an option with a ESP8266+ATMega32, can this work with MQTT?

ESP8266 will run Arduino sketches and I’ve read of several people who successfully run MQTT on them.

Take a look at ESPEasy firmware, MQTT support for openHAB already built in.


I’m using currently two gateway types to control my sockets:
-arduino + ethernet on my main unit
-esp8266 for extended range coverage

Both are making the translation between MQTT and RF 433Mhz signal, here is the esp8266 version

Working good with cheap wall sockets