Esp8266 esp-01 does not start init.lua on startup

I have flashed my custom build nodemcu firmware to the module (integer).

When I connect to the esp8266 through esplorer it says can’t autodetect firmware.

And then it doesn’t load the Init.lua script.

So I have to plug in my laptop and send do file command, like 2 or 3 times until it starts.

While a lot of users on this forum use EPS8266, this is not an ESP8266 forum. If no one is able to help you here you might try posting in a forum more specific to the device.

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Think you might be posting in the wrong forums - this doesn’t sound like an openHAB issue. You will be far better off posting in an ESP8266 forum.

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thanks. will do

mods feel free to delete post.