ESPEasy Firmwear Binding OpenHAB

I want to use the ESPEasy Frimwear +Binding +MQTT+OpenHAB,

esy way to connect with OpenHAB using ESPEasy Firmwear Sensor…

I am using ESPEasy with openHAB, communicating via MQTT.

All of these topics are explained in great detail here, a little bit of searching should yield you a wealth of answers.

If you then have any specific questions regarding what you have researched, there’s plenty of people here who will be willing to help you overcome these hurdles - but we can’t learn it for you.


First things first: Welcome to the world of openHAB ! :wink:

Please ensure you use the forums search functionality before posting a new topic,
there is plenty of information available.
E.g. this threat gives an impression of what needs to be done (deals with OH 2.0, but the concept is pretty much the same. Nowadays OH contains a mqqt broker on its own).

Welcome to OpenHAB.
I also use espeasy. The best way is MQTT. And also the easiest . You can use a couple of communication protocols. But mqtt works for me .