EspMilightHub Binding missing from marketplace

Hi all,
I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an embarrassing answer but I can’t find any mention about something like this…
I recently upgraded from OH3.1 to OH3.2, running on a RPi 4.
I saw that there is now an official binding to EspMilightHub

But I don’t seem to find it in the marketplace. Only binding that comes up when I search Milight is the Milight Binding.

Is there something I’m missing with the new marketplace?
Some sort of configuration that could cause some of the bindings to be hidden?
And last, is there a way to download and install the binding manually as a workaround?

Thank you very much in advance…

It comes bundled with the MQTT Binding.

Check a little way down the page - you’ll see it linked!

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Wow that was fast thank you so much.
I knew I’m missing something but I guess I looked every place but the right one.

Thank you now I understand the discovery part of the EspMilightHub.

Thank you!!!

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No problem - I can see how if you landed on that documentation page from anywhere but the MQTT Binding one it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on (at least on phone) - just a solitary link back to the MQTT Binding at the bottom of the page.

In my very humble opinion a note is missing from the top of the page saying something like “This is not a stand alone binding as it is bundled with MQTT binding. see page for more details…”

Please create a push request on GitHub with the changes, they are always welcome if they do not bloat the documentation.

Hi I submitted a PR with my suggestion.
I’m not too experienced with GitHub so I hope I did it the right way.
Sorry for any mess…