Ethernet based din rail relay

Hi all,

I’m searching for a decent din-rail based ethernet relais with at least 2 “channels”.
220V / 4 to 6A per channel is more than OK.

Goal is to steer 2 light circuits (based on led bulbs) through OpenHAB.

I have no wifi at this location, only ethernet.

Any advice is welcome!

Thank you

I’m searching for a decent din-rail based ethernet relays.

Deditec is very expensive . Have you found other options ?


Thank you


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Thank you .

Shelly device is even more expensive than Deditec Output Modules.
To get 16 Outputs I would need to spend 8 x ! = 480 Euros. I am wrong ?

I´m trying to find an alternate to this modules 6-channel relay module with built-in power supply WB-MR6C v.3 - Wiren Board .

Any suggestion ?

Shelly have a few more modules, have you taken a look at this one? The PRO 4PM

If your replacing the modules in your current consumer box, there are regulations on what you personally can do. Here in the UK it’s a no no all together. You have to get an electrician in so they can provide a safety report and certificate.

Personally I wouldn’t aim for the cheapest option when it comes to your house electrical supply.

Out of interest what are you trying to achieve?

What’s wrong with WB-MR6C? Price/relay looks fine, doesn’t it? Ethernet to Modbus converter can be had for 25 USD. ( 3 x 60 + 25 ) USD / 18 relay = 11,40 USD/relay - I doubt you will find anything cheaper.

@Maximo ,

I am not looking for the cheapest solution but a reliable and fair price solution.

I am building a house where I´m planning the electrical installation and I would like to have full control of installation by using Openhab or similar platform.

I have already done a few projects where I have used Siemens LOGO8 or Micro 800 from Rockwell Automation but on both systems I had to install extra relays to protect the output modules because they have very low Switching capacity.


WB-MR6C would solve my problem but nobody would accept modules without CE and also they are in country that is at the moment not desirable to deal with. Sorry but it is what it is.

Where do i find modules similiar to WB-MR6C.

Please summarize your requirements, then the community might be able to help - without ping-ponging.

Requirements ;Where do i find modules similiar to WB-MR6C ?

CE Certificated

Price : ~ Wiren Board range

Communication Protocol: Ideally Modbus RTU or any known open protocol


Finder opta

Why don’t you put up a repeater there i.e. an Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge, once done you can have as many cheap Wi-Fi there as you like.

Nice option thanks , i will contact Finder and ask if they have expansion modules too.

Would be nice to work with Finder equipment.

Any other simlar options community ? Thanks

denkovi > Google it.

NIce products from Bulgaria - but are there any relevant certifications (besides Certificates - Denkovi A E LTD)?

Thank you for saving me time checking if they were cerified or not.

I found also this company Products - Fidelix i need to ask for prices na Cerification.

List of devices found so far that match the specs ;

1-Finder ( still need to confirm if they have expansion modules)

So far it seems that Finder is the unique solution ?