Eurotronic binding


Is someone interessting to develop a binding for the new Eurotronic come wifi Thermostat?


WiFi needs a lot of energy compared to other wireless technologies. That would either lead to a short battery lifetime or to rare communication with the device. Or it is a device with constant energy supply? Didn’t check that now. I guess I will stay with the Z-Wave thermostats :wink:

I was thinking of diving into this, have a device already at hands but was waiting fo iOS App for initial WiFi inclusion.
Have to check when it is available and find som time…

Edit: iOS App delayed from January to March 2021. Have to wait…

Great. then let’s wait to next Winter season.
Interesting will be the battery live time, hope to find low energy in the Thermostat.


This was the feedback, I got from Eurotronic today:

vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Produkt.

Das Produkt wird bereits verkauft. Es ist geplant, dass Kunden zukünftig Ihr eigenes System verwenden. Allerdings ist aktuell noch keine API verfügbar und wird wohl auch nicht vor Juni/Juli 2021 verfügbar sein.

Wir haben es bzgl. der Batterielebensdauer geschafft, ein Thermostat zu entwickeln, welches einen geringeren Stromaufbau aufweist als andere Funkthermostate wie Zigbee, Z-Wave oder Bluetooth. Allerdings ist die Batterielebensdauer von vielen verschiedenen Faktoren abhängig.

Wenn eine gute Internetverbindung vorhanden ist, kann es zu einer Batterielebensdauer von 12-18 Monaten kommen.

This feedback sounds like some kind of cloud service is needed with their announced API…

Once the iOS App is avaailable and I can include the device in my WiFi, I will see if ther is any local communication possible, don’t want to rely on any cloud…

Hello hmerk,

would be very nice to move forward with a local solution without any cloud.
This is why all of us uses local smarthome systems :slight_smile:

If a addtional tester is needed, let me know, then I will order a peace of the thermo and start testing for you on my OH 3 system.


I will keep you in loop…

Interesting information. Lower energy consumption with a WiFi connection than with Z-Wave and Bluetooth??? Sounds weird. We will see…

The z-wave version has flirs, so it is nearly never sleeping and consumes more battery so.
If you have a good connection to the AP I could imaging that battery drain is nearly same.