Eurotronic Spirit - Item Configuration of Thermostat Mode

Hi, is there a configuration known to work for the thermostat mode?
I would be interested in Type, Category, Semantic Class and Semantic Property.
Currently it shows something like a date at the UI.

And asked more generally: Is there something like an device database with OpenHab configurations? Currently I do a lot of trial and error which doesn’t fell right.


Are you looking for a widget, check the Marketplace for the heating widget…

No, I am looking for the Item configuration.

Mode is of type Number !!!

There is a device database used by the binding and there is a copy of the manual used attached to the entry. Configuration Parameters are listed under the Parameters tab.

That’s the kind of effect you sometimes see when mistakenly linking an Item of one type to a channel of a different type.

Maybe go back a step, what type of binding channel are you linking your Item to?