Eurotronic Spirit, manual adjustment

For a year I have 4 Spirit Thermostats in use. These are controlled by different timers between heat and econ mode in OH2 M5. This works well in most cases.
My problem: The set value in setpoint-heat mode is overwritten during manual operation on the thermostat, but not reported back to OH to change this in a rule.
The value in the display differs from the value in the setpoint heat.

If the device does not report the status change OH perhaps you can set a rule to scan for unexpected status changes?

Is this a ZWave or ZigBee issue?


Thanks - it might be worth tagging this to avoid confusion as there are a few discussions here about the ZigBee version also.

sorry, right


@vzorglub, I tried to add the ‘zwave’ tag earlier and got a 500 error. I just tried again and got it again. Others are reporting the same.

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I know, use z-wave instead

That should not be the answer here. We should try and find out why that’s no longer working as there are a huge number of threads tagged with zwave. It’s always worked in the past.

Ask @Kai
He seemed stumped last time it came up

Use the z-wave tag, not the zwave tag. you successfully added the former.

Does that have to do with my problem?
I’m just looking for a way to correct the manually overridden thermostat_setpoint_heating.

Add int the z-wave tag alerts many of our helpful Z-Wave users to this thread. There is a known issue and workaround in this case so I was trying to help @5iver know why he got an error one time and not another.