Eurotronic Zigbee Spirit Channels

Hi Together,

i just Setup a Eurotronic Spirit Thermostat with the Zigbee Binding. I can read and set the Temperature both ways (Thermostat and Openhab), which works great. I have Five channes listed:

  • Occupied Cooling Setpoint (?)
  • Unoccupied Heating Setpoint (set Temp)
  • Local Temperature (Measured Temp)
  • Occupied Heating Setpoint (?)
  • System Mode (?)

and found a table in this post for the System modes:
Cant connect Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee to OH using BitronVideo Coordinator

Can someone explain me the use this two Channes:

  • Occupied Cooling Setpoint
  • Unoccupied Heating Setpoint

and the use of the System mode…it Always remains to 4 and seems to be readable only.


2020-07-16 15:24:18.518 [DEBUG] [ng.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeThingHandler] - 00158D0003C47346: Command for channel zigbee:device:bd039d70:00158d0003c47346:00158D0003C47346_1_thermostatsystemmode --> 0 [DecimalType]

But still remains to 4 when i check on REST API and Nothing more in the logs.

Openhabina 2.5.6-2
CC2531 Coordinator

Thanks and Greetings