Eurotronics Comet Z HVAC- Radiator Controller

I have a new Thermostat Controller:
Eurotronics Comet Z HVAC- Radiator Controller

The Binding doesn’t find any channels and it is not correctly recognized by the binding.
I can only find it in the Open-Smart-House Z-Wave Database.
But not in the Z-Wave OH Binding Database … Why?

Thanks for any support

We are talking about OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database?

The device was only recently added to the database and is only supported in the latest openHAB Z-Wave Binding snapshot.

does it mean I habe to install the latest Z-Wave Binding snapshot ?
How to accelerate that this becomes stable?

It only becomes “stable”, when a new openHAB version (stable) is released.

You might get along with transplanting the device file from the latest snapshot into your current jar file. Search the forum for detailed instructions.