Evaluate danger alarms from BUND (german only)

I want to share my solution to evaluate and dispatch danger alarms provides by the BUND (a german instance).

Before I post some parts of code I want describe the solution a little bit:

The german instance BUND hosts a website to provide danger alarms and disaster messages via JSON (https://warnung.bund.de/bbk.mowas/gefahrendurchsagen.json). The content has information about the kind of the disaster, the region, instructions for the population and contacts. So I have to know the region code, for which region I want to have the messages and I have to parse the JSON and forward the information to OH.

At this site https://tableaumapping.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/germany-kreise you can find an overview about all regions and assigned geo codes of germany. The column “RS alt” contains the right value.

I wrote a php-Script which load the JSON, parse the JSON and provide the information splittet into area, headline, description, instruction and contact via MQTT messages. Additional I generate a human readable text message with all of this. The script is called from a cron job every 30 minutes.

In OH I have some items which are filled from the MQTT messages above and a rule, if the human readable message is changed. In the rule I post the message to the smartphone of me and my wife using Telegram.

OK. Here comes the code. First, the php-Script. You should change the values for your MQTT broker and at the end the geo code with your own values.


$MOSQUITTO_USER = "Username";
$MOSQUITTO_PASS = "xxxxxx";
$MOSQUITTO_PATH = "state/gefahrendurchsagen/";

function MQTTsend ($mqttSubName, $value) {
  $strCmd = 'mosquitto_pub -h ' . $GLOBALS['MOSQUITTO_IP'] . ' -p ' . $GLOBALS['MOSQUITTO_PORT'] . ' -u ' . $GLOBALS['MOSQUITTO_USER'] . ' -P ' . $GLOBALS['MOSQUITTO_PASS'] . ' -t ' . $strPath;

  shell_exec ($strCmd . $mqttSubName . ' -m "' . $value . '"');

function ParseRegion ($r, $AreaName) {

  MQTTsend ('area', $AreaName);
  MQTTsend ('headline', $r['headline']);
  MQTTsend ('description', $r['description']);
  MQTTsend ('instruction', $r['instruction']);
  MQTTsend ('web', $r['web']);
  MQTTsend ('contact', $r['contact']);

  $sMessage = $r['headline'] . " [" . $AreaName . "]";
  $sMessage .= "\r\n\r\nDescription:\r\n";
  $sMessage .= $r['description'];
  $sMessage .= "\r\n\r\nInstructions:\r\n";
  $sMessage .= $r['instruction'];
  $sMessage .= "\r\n\r\nFurther information on: ";
  $sMessage .= $r['web'];
  $sMessage .= "\r\nContact: ";
  $sMessage .= $r['contact'];

  MQTTsend ('message', $sMessage);

$strMessages = file_get_contents ("https://warnung.bund.de/bbk.mowas/gefahrendurchsagen.json");
$arrJSON = json_decode ($strMessages, TRUE);

foreach ($arrJSON as $i) {
  foreach ($i as $ki => $vi) {
    if ($ki == 'info') {

      if ($vi[0]['area'][0]['geocode'][0]['value'] == '145220000000') {
        ParseRegion ($vi[0], 'Mittelsachsen');
      if ($vi[0]['area'][0]['geocode'][0]['value'] == '146120000000') {
        ParseRegion ($vi[0], 'Dresden');
      if ($vi[0]['area'][0]['geocode'][0]['value'] == '146270000000') {
        ParseRegion ($vi[0], 'Meissen');

      sleep (10);


The line inside the cron tab:

0,30 * * * * php /var/www/html/BUNDGefahrenmeldung/getgefahrenmeldung.php

The content of the items file:

String   MLD_area        "County [%s]"                   { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/area:state:default]" }
String   MLD_headline    "Headline [%s]"                 { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/headline:state:default]" }
String   MLD_description "Description [%s]"                { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/description:state:default]" }
String   MLD_instruction "Instruction [%s]"                   { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/instruction:state:default]" }
String   MLD_web         "Web [%s]"                         { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/web:state:default]" }
String   MLD_contact     "Contact [%s]"                     { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/contact:state:default]" }
String   MLD_message     "[%s]"                             { mqtt="<[mosquitto:state/gefahrendurchsagen/message:state:default]" }

and the content of the rule which send the message to the smartphones. You have to edit the receiver of the message!

rule "GFM"
    Item MLD_message changed
    TelegramSender.sendCommand ("@User1 @User2 " + MLD_message.state)

At last a screenshot from my smartphone with a test message inside Telegram.

Have fun
Stephan Pilz



I didn’t even know about this api from bund.
Did you maybe investigate if alarms from e.g. “KatWarn” are included in the bund alarms?

If you take a look at this site https://www.katwarn.de/aktuell.php then you can see, that MoWaS and Katwarn are connected. For this reason I think the Katwarn messages are included in the bund alarms.

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That’s pretty cool, since it is/was very difficult to get useable data from katwarn.
At least for usage in openHAB.

So one is able to achieve this with one json call now. :slight_smile: