Event.log gets wasted by a zwave switch voltage changes each few seconds

Just changed to OH2.5 stable with my PI3b.
Checking the functionality and if devices are working as before.

Now I realize that the event.log gets wasted by a Zwave switch (NEO Coolcam) with some stupid voltage changes. Can I deactivate this?
I tried to change the settings within the device settings but this doesn´t change the behaviour of the event.log.
I found also some comments for the file org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg
but sorry this is to complex for beginners.
Is there anything what is suitable for beginners to change the logging behaviour?

The short answer is no. events.log is configured and intended to show all the events that occur. If you want to change that behavior and the purpose of events.log, you have to edit the config file.

If you do not create Items for the channels they will not be logged. On my switches I do not monitor those values so I do not have Items defined for them.

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OK, editing the config file isn´t my favourite:-)

But the idea with the channels sounds good for me, cause I definitely don´t need this information about voltage changes.
But what does this mean should I just delete or deactivate the relevant channels in HabMin?

Let me guess.

Do you have simple mode turned in in the Paper UI? That creates Items with confusing names for every channel and is strongly discouraged here.

Depending on the Device, there may be settings to reduce the number of reports if you needed those values.

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Actually it’s quite easy to suppress these changes via the log file you mentioned. Just add these lines at the end of the file to suppress all ‚Item changed‘ messages (in openhabian you find the file at /var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg):

############ CUSTOM FILTERS START HERE #################
log4j2.appender.event.filter.declutter.type = RegexFilter
log4j2.appender.event.filter.declutter.regex = .* changed .*
log4j2.appender.event.filter.declutter.onMatch = DENY
log4j2.appender.event.filter.declutter.onMismatch = NEUTRAL
################# END OF CUSTOM FILTERS ################

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And remember how to undo them !! if you ever need to debug a rule or binding setup or …

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I feel well supported :grinning:

Yes, Works!

Added these lines to this .cfg and the event log changes by this stupid ZWave device shuts up.
And soon I will use more of these switches.
OFF and ON commands still getting reported

Thanks a lot

Can you tell us what the device actually is? By far the best solution is to reconfigure the device if possible - that will stop the unwanted data being sent on the network and congesting the system. Check the device configuration parameters to see what is possible.

(I appreciate @Bruce_Osborne already suggested this, but it seems to be ignored when it is clearly the best solution if the device is configurable).


This is a ZWave switch from Neo Coolcam.
I tried already to change the configuration in HabMin and in PaperUI but these changes are getting ignored. Even switching OFF reports wasn´t helping.
I found some inormation about that device and some errors in its firmware, so I assume this is the reason why the config changes weren´t taken

OK could be that deleting or deactivating the related channels could help as well,

I´ll give it a try

Result positiv :grinning:

you can see that after removing two links for two channels it stopped reporting these changes.
Remaining is the Watt changes even that the figures reported aren´t true.
Cause there are 8 SonofBasics conneted and this approx. 4 Watt.
I assume we can´t ecxpect such devices offering precise values for small Watt changes
But unfortunatelly I cannot set ranges for beeing reported

So I would say I also could live with this situation cause the Watt changes can be important
when I would check in a rule e.g. if consumption is more then 100 Watt what would mean a LED spot is activated …

This is how the Zwave device config was changed, some text is in German but the two deactivated channels are marked in red

Sure - you said that earlier, but I guess there is a model number or something. This company has many products!!

It’s always best to try and provide exact information on the device - not just a general statement about who makes it.

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OK It is the first one in your list!

And I played a bit further in its settings, what I tried is to change the Power Report Treshold from
originally 10 to 50
Result no change
So I set 100
Result “Partial success”
You can see the two changes I did in the log further down
It somehow stops flooding the log and reacts when a LED spot with 100 Watt is getting switched on
but unfortunatelly it still does report small Watt changes - less often at least

event.log after changing to 100 and activating and deactivating one LED spot of 100 Watt

Thats right :smiley:

No, it doesn’t. Be VERY careful. While you suppressed the logging activity, the zwave device is still happily spewing messages on your zwave network several times per second. This consumes valuable zwave network bandwidth, and will lead to poor zwave network performance if you add more devices that exhibit this behavior.

I would suggest you check the configuration for this zwave device in HABmin to see if there’s a way to prevent it from generating the messages.

I should add that I’ve seen similar zwave device behavior in numerous posts on this forum. It usually goes along with a post that’s titled “Why does my zwave network performance suck so badly?” :wink:

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