Event log stopped for only one item?

Dear all,
I would like to reduce or stop the log event for only one item : date/time item…
Is it possible ? I know that I can stop all event log but I don’t want to do this.
Thanks a lot

20:22:04.428 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:21:34.336+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:22:04.430+0200
20:22:34.561 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:22:04.430+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:22:34.562+0200
20:23:04.684 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:22:34.562+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:23:04.686+0200
20:23:34.786 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:23:04.686+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:23:34.787+0200
20:24:04.906 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:23:34.787+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:24:04.907+0200
20:24:35.043 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:24:04.907+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:24:35.044+0200
20:25:05.109 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Date changed from 2020-09-09T20:24:35.044+0200 to 2020-09-09T20:25:05.110+0200

In my opinion you shouldn’t, there are lots of standard ways to handle log files without blocking such messages: How to watch and look through logging

But if you must: openHAB - Filtering event logs

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Another question would be for what reason is this item updated so often? Do you need it that often?

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That looks like the NTP binding updating an Item and it updates it every second I believe. I’m not sure if it supports any longer update period.

The default is every 60 seconds, according to the docs.

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The question was if those updates are needed and not from which binding the are coming.
Getting a sensor reading every 30 seconds migth be needed but I am questioning the need to get time readings in those steps, or should that item mimic a clock?

There’s a bunch of reasons you might get a datetime updating at that frequency. Say, you are using a timestamp profile Item as part of detecting sensor failures.
It’s not an unreasonable thing to do, of itself. The logger too is doing what it is supposed to. The unusual part here is deciding that the log is a nuisance.