Everlights full solution

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This is a full solution for controlling Everlights (https://myeverlights.com/) from OpenHAB, completely replacing their finicky app. You just need the IP address of your controller (which you can find in their app in settings). Note that I have two zones that wrap around the house in opposite directions, so for zone 2 I “reverse” the pattern to keep it in the same direction as zone 1. This a capability their controller/app doesn’t have (I do need to see if I can shift the zone 2 pattern to be completely seamless where they meet up at the opposite corner). You can either manually control everything via a sitemap, or you can use whatever triggering rules you want to trigger presets automatically on holidays. I have it set up to come on with all my other exterior lights at sundown, if it’s in my defined list of holidays (in holidays.rb).

This is a good “Today I built” type posting but it’s not really a tutorial or solution. It would help the community if you added not just what you accomplished, but how you did it. Configs, Items, rules, and all that.