Everspring AN180 Association Groups

Hello, I’m the new one. :slight_smile:

At home I’m using 2 Everspring AN180 Wallplugs, which were working well, till I updated Openhab to v2.4 (openhabian installed on Pi3+). Both are associated by a Fibaro KeyFob just for switching lights.
Before the update they transmitted their status to the controller it was shown me correct in the app and WebUi. Since the Update they didn’t. In the Database from cd-jackson the don’t have any association groups and so I have in openhab no option to set the controller in asociationgroup 1, but when I take a look in the manual there are group1 (Lifeline/Switchreport) and 2 (On/Off control via Button).
I think with removing and reinitialising them while the update they lost the controller for associationgroup1.
Temporarely i set the polling-interval to 10 minutes but I think its better to let them report their status.
Is it possible to correct this or to help you with data of the devices (I did a scan of the manual) for completing it in the database?

I would suggest to update to the 2.5 snapshot binding which has some code to enforce the associations. Unfortunately we’ve seen that the UIs can send through data formats that the binding doesn’t like, which can remove associations. 2.5 should prevent that happening.

I’d be interested in trying this too. Where do we get it from?

It’s just the usual snapshot build - so if you are running the snapshot environment, then just uninstall the binding and add it again.

If you are using 2.4, then you need to install it manually and you can get it from the CI repository.


Sorry, I’m not finding time for updating, so I’ve nothing to report about that…
I’ll keep it in mind…