Everspring SM-810 - channel not reporting back

It looks like this device has the same issue that was mentioned a few years back by Mark in context of another Everspring sensor:
BASIC_SET vs BINARY_SENSOR channel definitions.

Mark, it would be great if you could have a look into this. Is a database update needed here? If so, could you do this?

I don’t recall the issue. Do you have any more information on the problem you’re having, and/or can you post the link where you read the discussion?


My SM-810 was included and is behaving normally. Wakes up as defined, sends battery level ok. but the open/close does not make it back to Openhab.
When reading through your old post, I thought it might actually be the same problem.

I just checked the database entry for the SM-810. It’s already defined to use the sensor_binary channel when it receives the BASIC_SET. So, I expect there’s something else going on.

Looking further… According to the device manual, the device doesn’t support the SENSOR_BINARY command class. It looks like it uses the NOTIFICATION command class to indicate the OPEN/CLOSED status.

However, it also looks like the Group 2 association will cause the device to send the BASIC_SET command class. Have you tried setting the Group 2 association to the Controller?

Yes, this is how the device is currently set up:

In your post above, the “Sec” checkbox is not marked … I actually have it included in secure mode … does this cause an issue?

I don’t know. The manual says that the NOTIFICATION_V8 command class is a secure command class. So, we could speculate that when securely included, the device sends the NOTIFICATION commad class, and sends the BASIC_SET when not included securely.

But, rather than speculate, could you post a debug log so that we can see what the device is sending when it’s triggered OPEN and CLOSED?