Evohome with electric UFH but no air temp sensors

We’ve just had electric UFH installed in a few areas downstairs as part of a renovation. I went for the Evohome setup to control the boiler and radiators as I thought it would work with the UFH too but would like to do it without having to install thermostats in the rooms. The UFH is purely to warm the floor - we have central heating as the main heat source.

At the moment I have a HCC80R connected to relays which then supply Devireg 330 UFH controllers. The Temperature probes in the floor go to the Devireg which regulates it well. As it is only for heating the tiles I’m not concerned about controlling the temperature remotely, I would however like to be able to switch it on/off and schedule.

Trouble is the Evohome wants to see temperatures for each zone before it will let me control them independently and I really don’t want to put temp sensors in each zone as it’s just another unnecessary box on the wall.

Has anyone managed to use another means to send a temp signal to the Evohome? I’m thinking maybe using an Arduino or Pi to simulate a room temp sensor and transmit a reading for each zone. It doesn’t matter what reading it sends. Would be grateful for some input. Thanks!