EWPE Binding to Control a Vaillant AC Vai 5-025


I have a Vaillant Vai 5-025 air conditioner and would like to control it via OpenHAB because the EWPE Smart app provided is really bad. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a suitable binding for it. On Githup (GitHub - pbogut/openhab-ewpesmart-binding: OpenHAB binding for EWPE Smart powered devices (Gree, Sinclair, etc)) I found an old binding for devices that are controlled with the EWPE app, but this is apparently not supported by the current OH version. Does anyone have a current version of this bindings?

Maybe someone knows another binding to control the air conditioning.


I have found a comment to the githup issue:

The solution for OH3 is that the GREE binding should work. I installed the binding under OH3.4.4. Unfortunately, the binding does not find the AC, although it is logged into the WLAN.