Example of 3-State sensor-actor solution

For my SmartHome i decided to use the “Sienna Powerline” sensors. As there was no binding available i had to implement one.
see: https://github.com/s-simma/openhab2-siennaPL
Sienna Powerline Binding

For the user interface i decided to use HABpanel. The only problem for me was, out of the box the existing widgets can not display 3 states (e.g.ON/OFF/UNDEF or OPEN/CLOSED/UNDEF). But thanks to the great flexability of HABpanel it was no problem to create custom widgets for this.

For the following screenshots i created these widgets and modified some icons:
For more informations use the links at the beginning.

Si-Blind.widget.json (3.9 KB)

Si-Contact.widget.json (2.8 KB)

Si-Dimmer.widget.json (3.6 KB)

Si-Master-Off.widget.json (1.4 KB)

Si-Switch.widget.json (2.6 KB)

You can download the necessary icons for the widgets from github:

copy these icons into the “…/icons/classic” folder