Example Setup and Docu for Marantz M-CR611

I just started to use openHAB2, 'cause I got myself a Marantz M-CR611 Internet/DAB+/CD-Receiver. Since it took me quite a while to get OH2 running with this device, I though others might be interested to see my setup.

My OH2 is running on a Ubuntu 18.04 server (my profession is a system administrator). I just installed the ubuntu package and gut it up and running in a few minutes. Then in Paper UI installed binding-denonmarantz - 2.4.0 and got it connected to the receiver.

I had already found some of the few information about Marantz’ (Denon’s) Telnet interface and had tried a few things on my device, which after lot’s of tries and errors let me create this sitemap.

It is of course specialy designed for my personal needs, but might help out other newbies like my as an axample to get started.

sitemap marantz label="Radio" icon="player" {
      Switch    item=marantz_power    label="Radio an / aus"
      Default   item=marantz_mute     label="Stumm"           icon=soundvolume_mute visibility=[marantz_power==ON]
      Setpoint  item=marantz_volume   label="Lautstärke [%s]"   icon=soundvolume  minValue=0 maxValue=30 visibility=[marantz_power==ON]

      Selection item=marantz_command  label="Sender [%s]" icon=settings             visibility=[marantz_power==ON]
          "FV 01"       ="NDR Info",
          "FV 02"       ="NDR Kultur",
          "FV 03"       ="Radio Swiss Jazz",
          "FV 04"       ="Radio Paradise",
          "FV 05"       ="DLF Kultur",
          "FV 06"       ="DLF",
          "FV 07"       ="BBC Radio 3",
          "SIDIGITALIN1"="TV Input",
          "SICD"        ="CD Player"

  Frame visibility=[marantz_power==ON] {
    Default item=marantz_artist label="[%-100s]" icon=music_sound_wave_line visibility=[marantz_input==NET]
    Default item=marantz_album  label="[%-100s]" icon=music_sound_wave_line visibility=[marantz_input==NET]
    Default item=marantz_track  label="[%-100s]" icon=music_sound_wave_line visibility=[marantz_input==NET]

The “visibility=[marantz_input==NET]” switch is for hiding the artist, album and track labels while listening to DAB+ radio (NDR, DLF). Unfortunately while the display shows all kinds of information transmitted via DAB+, there seems to be no way to read this info via the interface.

Instead the last Internet station you listened to seems still to be active, changing the track label, even if you’re not “tuned in” anmyore. So the device has in fact DAB+ and Internet radio running in parallel.

I’ve sent a request via the Marantz support website for the documentation of the “MARANTZ SYSTEM control protocol” of the M-CR611. And while I frankly expected to get an answer like “this is not publically available” or so, at the very next morning I got a link for downloading the requested PDF. I’ll upload it here as attachment.

M-CR511_611_PROTOCOL_Ver1_0_0.pdf (757.7 KB)