Examples of HABPanel Solutions

No idea about the refresh. I think a refresh interval is not yet
implemented, but better look into the source code to be sure. Will have a
look too some time this week. If not, this is definitely worth an issue for
HABPanel, as almost everything should refresh, IMHO.

Andrew Pawelski bot@community.openhab.org schrieb am Mo., 3. Juli 2017 um
15:07 Uhr:


I would really like the config files for the “Home” and “System”, especially the Astro and Weather :slight_smile:

Hi ! , How did you do the rules panel ?

How can you tell the last time it was execute and how many time ??


Refresh is indeed not implemented, yet. I opened issues for the iframe and timeline widgets.

I created a switch, a numeric and a datetime item per rule and update and evaluate the state in the rule. This way I can consistently keep track of the execution count and time and display it. I also want the ability to turn rules off via HabPanel, hence the switch.

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I uploaded my theme.css file and custom widget code here:

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Wow so much pain but such a great idea … but since I plan to re do all my openhab on another server I’m gonna try to implement it !

Is it possible to add charts and switch between different time periods? I would like to switch easly between hour, day, month & year.

In ClassicUI, this is realy easy with

Switch item=Weather_Chart_Period label="Choose time period" mappings=[0=Hour, 1=Day, 2=Week, 3=Month]
			Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=h refresh=600 visibility=[Weather_Chart_Period==0]
			Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=D refresh=900 visibility=[Weather_Chart_Period==1, Weather_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
			Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[Weather_Chart_Period==2]
			Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[Weather_Chart_Period==3]

Not yet but I’ve been thinking about it.

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Has anyone been able to implement art covers from Kodi to Habpanel?

It is possible to make a custom widget that would show the state of the item as a dummy, but would be a button to navigate to another panel? In this case, the transition to another panel would be carried out only on this device?

In HABpanel main settings, there is, at the bottom, a place to do this.
First create two ITEM in an .items file

For example:

Switch newPanel

String HABpanel

Add this switch to the first HABpanel dashboard with suitable labels

In HABpanel main settings, where it says:

Switch dashboard with item value
When this item changes to a dashboard’s name, switch to it:

Select your new item, HABpanel from the pull down list.

Create a rule:

rule “Change dashboards”


Item newPanel changed


HABpanel.postUpdate("name of new dashboard")   


Thank you for your help. I’m sure my English is very bad, so you did not understand my question. When switching to another panel, in your example, the transition will occur on all devices, and I need only on the current one. In standard widgets, there is a widget button, it has the action of switching to another panel, it’s very cool! But on this button you can place only the icon, and I need to display the status of the selected item.
Thank you!

Not sure about the second part but one way to do the first part would have the same panel configuration for each of your panels, but with a different Panel configuration name. It could be a real pain though, depending on how many panels you had, to modify something on all of them.

About 90 widgets, each of which should open its panel. It is very important that this is not reflected on other devices.

Yes, it’s not perfect yet, but it’s a start. The image widget unfortunately does not automatically resize the images. I’m sure this can be fixed using a custom image widget, but have not looked into that yet.

Thank You, It’s a start Which I’ll look into :grinning: :grin:

Hey Patrick, your panel is looking great! Do you have any charts going yet in the same style?

Yes, but only using Grafana. Are you using it?

Hey Again

This is what I’ve done so far…

I just wanted to ask if anyone has done a satusbar for Kodi on the Habpanel…

And also for the buttons I wanted to add icons, I am familier with HTML and CSS, but what I wanted to do is to get the stock functions from the habpanel itself rather then rendering a mini page that displays a picture and sends a command