executeCommandLine exit value clogging logs in 1.8

I just updated to 1.8 and I have a rule that every 30 seconds executes executeCommandLine to get some states. This was working perfectly in 1.7.1, but now every call to executeCommandLine leaves a log line like this:
2016-01-19 15:27:07.497 [WARN ] [g.openhab.io.net.exec.ExecUtil] - Process exited with an error: 0 (Exit value: 0)
Is there a way to suppress these logs?

This is a known issue and there is a PR to fix it for 1.8.1. In the meantime, you can configure your logging for org.openhab.io.net.exec to ERROR level to suppress the warnings.

Thank you very much.
I’ve added the line:
<logger name="org.openhab.io.net.exec.ExecUtil" level="ERROR" />
<logger name="org.atmosphere.cpr.AtmosphereFramework" level="OFF" />
in configurations/logback.xml and the warnings are gone.