Executing Onkyo actions from Jython

The Onkyo binding allows to send raw eISCP commands (https://community.openhab.org/t/onkyo-testers-for-thing-action-to-send-raw-eiscp-commands/68446)

This works in DSL as such (entire rule is slightly edited):

rule "Onkyo change radio frequency"
		Item Onkyo_Radio_Frequency received command
		val onkyoActions = getActions("onkyo","onkyo:TX-NR555:av1")
		val radioFrequency = Onkyo_Radio_Frequency.state.toString
		var transformedFrequency = radioFrequency.replace('.', '')
		onkyoActions.sendRawCommand("TUN", transformedFrequency)

After reading:

and a few other posts in the forum I tried to replicate the above rule in jython but cannot seem to do so successfully. This is what I have:

@rule ("Onkyo change radio frequency")
@when ("Item Onkyo_Radio_Frequency received command")
def onkyoChangeRadioFrequency(event):
	onkyoActions = actions.get("onkyo","onkyo:TX-NR555:av1")
	radioFrequency = ir.getItem("Onkyo_Radio_Frequency").state.toString()
	transformedFrequency = radioFrequency.replace('.', '')
	onkyoActions.sendRawCommand("TUN", transformedFrequency)

but I get an error: Undefined variable 'actions' for this line:
onkyoActions = actions.get("onkyo","onkyo:TX-NR555:av1")

Also same error with: actions.get("onkyo","onkyo:TX-NR555:av1").sendRawCommand("TUN", transformedFrequency)

I also tried to import Onkyo: from core.actions import Onkyo however:

20:13:38.677 [ERROR] [ript.internal.ScriptEngineManagerImpl] - Error during evaluation of script 'file:/etc/openhab/automation/jsr223/python/personal/onkyo_avr.py': ImportError: cannot import name Onkyo in /etc/openhab/automation/jsr223/python/personal/onkyo_avr.py at line number 6

Just hoping there’s someone out there with some experience with this. I wonder whether I’m doing something wrong? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Running openHAB 3.2.0 Release Build.

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