Experience Update 2.5 - 3.0 - 3.1 - 3.2 - It's worth the effort

I would like to share my experience in the upgrade from openHAB 2 to openHAB 3.

First I used openhabian-config to upgrade from openHAB 2 to openHAB 3. This resulted in a broken system and it took me a few days to fix it.

The updates from 3.0 to 3.1 using openhabian-config went ok and without big problems

The update from 3.1 to 3.2 using openhabian-config was a complete disaster. Nothing worked anymore and I was close to get rid of this sh…

However, I decided to do a complete new install of openHAB 3 and take the effort to configure everything from scratch. It was a 7 days effort. It was worth it. The system now is stable, works as desired and I hope it stays that way.

I may recommend this approach to all, that face issues in the upgrade or update to 3.2.

Some details about the environment:
Z-Wave: 7 FIBARO Single Switch 2, 2 FIBARO RollerShutter 2, 6 FIBARO RollerShutter 3, 5 Sensative Strips Guard
HUE: 12 devices
Shelly: 1 device
Netatmo Weather Station
Fritz!Box 7590
iCloud: 6 devices

Altogether some 1500 items

I am trying to move from OH 2.5 to OH 3.2. To setup from a scratch is not really a solution for me, because nothing would work in my house. :unamused:
My Oh2 setup is completely done with files below the openHAB-Conf folder. At the moment I struggle with with the scripting in my rules.
Loading the rules in OH3 was not the problem. But if they where triggered they throw a lot of exceptions.
I already figured out 2 changes. But there should be a summary of relevant changes or something like this.
Did you found a summary or something like that which describes the needed changes especially for rules?
Every hint is appreciated.

Regards Ronny

There’s this page, which links to here:

With respect to the rules I was lucky, because those I had I could easily migrate to OH3. Quite a lot I could even simplify when I got familiar with the new setup.

I completely moved from the file based configuration to the UI based configuration with the exceptions of transformations and the persistence.

As I mentioned, the update from 3.1 to 3.2 completely broke my system, so the fresh install was the only choice I had.

Regarding the documentation I relied on what I could find on the official web-site and this forum.

I would recommend to take a look at running openhab in a docker container. It’s pretty simple to do once you know the basics. It boils down to:

  1. install docker
  2. launch openhab in a docker container: Docker | openHAB

Then you can very easily test run your configuration in a new openhab version without having to worry about loosing openhab for a few days.

Well, to double the installation is not a problem. I am using virtual machines. The issue is that you has to run the last/current functional installation because everything has to work while you are testing the new one. This means that 2 instance writing parallel on the actors, which sometimes causes undesired functionality.
Therefore would be nice to have an option which enables something like a test or empty mode, which just simply not hand over the command to the actors. :wink:

yes so you can stop OH2 and spin up OH3 when wife and kids are sleeping and continue migration. Then when you go to sleep you put things back as they were :slight_smile:

just remember to copy the config files and don’t do to much evolution in OH2 as long as the migration is not complete.