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Hi there - someone using Tibber as supplier and can share some experiences with them?
What I’m especially interested in: Does the hourly tariff work as expected? I’d like to use openHAB to control my consumption, when my PV isn’t active (like: in winter, at night, …). So charging the EV, running the dishwasher, heating, … whenever there’s “cheap hours”.

Does anyone have it running and can share some thoughts? …even if it is: “hey, works like a charm!”. Thanks!

I use Tibber, (in Sweden) and for me at least it works without problems. I don’t use the Tibber binding however, mainly because of limitations in openHAB, that make it impossible to get future values for the price. Instead I use an external script to get the hourly prices into Influxdb, and then the DBQuery binding to get current price, daily mean and standard deviation for the last two weeks, values that I use to raise or lower the heating depending on the price (temp offset = -((current price - mean) / stddev) * scaling constant).

I also have a Tibber pulse, a device connected to an RJ-12 port in my electric meter, which sends realtime consumption data to Tibber. This can be fetched into openhab via the binding, but I have skipped this also in favor of a script of my own, mainly because the main benefit imo is for graphing, and I don’t want to retain 10s data * 4 measurements for a full year like my OH persistence is configured for. But it’s great for pinpointing the different consumers, i can e.g easily recognize the profile for my dishwasher so I know when to start it in order to hit the lowest price.

All in all, everything comes down to if your electric meter can report hourly consumption. If not I don’t think it’s worth it.

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Very detailed technical discussions in German:

Just reading through the posts - things to take into account:

  • There are reports that hourly prices differ from customer to customer (even if the local power provider is the same).
  • The German “Strompreisdeckel” (power price cap) doesn’t apply to the hourly prices but to a weighted average monthly price (https://dserver.bundestag.de/btd/20/046/2004685.pdf, §5).

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