Expiration timer sometimes fails

OH3.1.0M3 running on centos 8.

I’ve set up an expiration timer on a bathroom fan switch. When it’s set to say 5 seconds it works just fine. I reconfigure it for two hours which is what I want eventually and the fan never turns off. The toggle switch isn’t getting activated by hand, the OH software isn’t being restarted and the system isn’t getting rebooted.

Added: I’m not seeing any state changes in the log beyond the actual physical toggle switching that is being done.

I tried changing the code to 7200 seconds and the fan is still on after five and a half hours.

I’ve tried setting:

7200 seconds

None worked

I’ve successfully tried:

5 seconds
10 seconds
1 minute
1 minute, 10 seconds
5 minutes

What’s the trick to getting a two hour timer working to send an off command?

A wild guess. Do you use persistence?
Could it be that ‘something’ is updating your timer items?
Have a look in the /var/log/openhab/events.log

Depending on the device technology, periodic routine updates may be sent. Updates to same state are not shown in logs.

@BiloxiGeek are you using the Expire binding?

Yes, I’m defining the timer in the expiration metadata.

The switch is z-wave, GE 14292 in-wall toggle switch.

Permanently powered zwave device make periodic status reports. You won’t be able to use a long ‘expire’ directly, because the periodic update restarts the timing.

More from the guru :slight_smile:

Okay, resurrected my old 2.5 timer into a rules file. Seems to be working as expected.


There is no expire binding in OH3. It is part of the core functionality.

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