Export data sensors to csv through the graphical interface


I wonder if it is possible to somehow export historical data from the sensors through the user interface.

My idea is to persist that data in InfluxDB and then be able to export it to csv via interface.

I don’t know if OpenHAB has any way to do it or if it is possible somehow to get what I say.


Could you explain your use case. Why exporting data from influx to csv?

As far as i know it is currently not possible to create a csv from the ui. But if you create a chart page in the toolbox you find an option to show the data table of the chart.

Not via UI but you may try database - influxdb data/table be downloaded as csv file? - Stack Overflow

Hi, friend,

First of all, thanks for his interest. What you tell me through the graphics I have already tried but it is not an appearance that ends up being useful to me.

However, it would be interesting (at least for me), to be able to generate a csv from data found in the database (whatever it is, rr4j … influx …) through the interface. I don’t know if I could make a custom widget that would do it underneath or how I could do it. I think it might be helpful to have that option.
Do you think you could follow this approach (custom widget)?

Thank you very much, greetings.

Hi, friend,

First of all, thanks for his interest. My need is rather to get it in the web interface, so that whoever performs it can have a csv on their computer. I do not believe that terminal commands can be executed from the interface and if it is possible I do not think that this way I can achieve what I am looking for.


You are wrong with your thinking. You need to Setup a virtual switch item which can be presented in the interface. As a second step, setup a rule executing the commands from the link @Wolfgang_S posted…

Hello there,

It would be fantastic and I would be very grateful if you could explain to me a little more how I could convert the data from a graph to a csv. I have been with openhab for a short time but from what you tell me I understand the following:

  1. Visual element, widget? that triggers a rule?
  2. Rule that executes the commands mentioned by @Wolfgang_S Could it be done for the default database which is rr4j?
  3. And that’s it?

Another option that had occurred to me and I do not think it is possible is to try to modify the normal operation of the following option:

Thank you very much for your time.

It is not working that way. Working with the different databases and doing exports is out of openHABs scope. We are not doing your work if you need such things.
Use the link already provided and try to get what you want on the command line.
Once you have achieved this, read the docs or community posts for virtual/proxy items and then search for rules using executeCommandline or exec binding.
If you struggle, come back and post what you tried, so we can help to solve your issues.

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