Exporting a Report of Current openHAB Installation?

I am a happy user of openHAB since version 1.x and have repeatedly performed fresh installations from scratch. In addition to backing up the configuration, which often is excellent, I wonder if there is a way to export a status report of the current installation? I am thinking of a report that lists items by name, which addons are installed, maybe the names of created rules, etc. This would serve as a quick reference and an overview of previous installations. It can be helpful when starting a new installation and also as a summary of what is included in each backup (in case I want to revert to an older backup and am unsure of what it contains).

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Thank you, that was helpful.
Unless I am missing something, is there anywhere a list of created items (including the names) and a list of created rules (names)?

You can use the karaf console to get a list of items, things, rules, …
The API explorer / REST API offers similar functionality.

E.g. karaf console:

openhab:automation listRules

ID     UID                                 NAME                                STATUS         
1      56019b0a5d                          test                                UNINITIALIZED  
2      Einfahrt-1                          rule triggered by Rule_Gate         IDLE           
3      GateDoorBell-1                      Someone is at the gate              IDLE           
4      Helper-1                            Helper Date                         IDLE           
5      MQTT-1                              gateway                             IDLE           
6      MQTT-doorbell-1                     doorbell                            IDLE           
7      MQTT-frigate-1                      Backpack                            IDLE           
8      MQTT-frigate-10                     Umbrella                            IDLE           
9      MQTT-frigate-2                      Bicycle                             IDLE           
10     MQTT-frigate-3                      Bird                                IDLE           
11     MQTT-frigate-4                      Bus                                 IDLE           
12     MQTT-frigate-5                      Car                                 IDLE           
13     MQTT-frigate-6                      Cat                                 IDLE           
14     MQTT-frigate-7                      Dog                                 IDLE           
15     MQTT-frigate-8                      Motorcycle                          IDLE           
16     MQTT-frigate-9                      Person                              IDLE           
17     Shelly-1                            HeatingPump ON                      IDLE           
18     Shelly-2                            HeatingPump OFF                     IDLE           
19     SmartHome-1                         Init                                IDLE           
24     SmartHome-4                         rule triggered by sun set ( to turn on aussenlicht on sunset ) IDLE           
25     SmartHome-5                         rule triggered by timer ( to turn off aussenlicht by time ) IDLE