Exporting things/items in PaperUI to config files

Is there a way to easily export things,items, config from the paper UI to text config files so that you can easily edit items names, make copies of items, backup to github, copy paste to new setup etc… ?

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No. But you can edit the JSONDB my hand manually if you need to. It’s just plain text. Just don’t do so while OH is running. The files are located in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb.

Ok, maybe I make a python script or sth to export it out from the jsonDB… I was just thinking that maybe someone already made such a plugin…

The format for .items and .things files are really finicky. It is going to be much harder to do than you might expect, especially for Things as each binding has their own definition for what a Thing looks like in a .things file.

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