Extend zwave to another building

Hi I have openhabian working on a raspberry PI 3 with a Aeotec zwave dongle, i would like to extend the zwave to my shop it is about 50 feet away from my house and about 75 feet away from the dongle. Does anyone know the best way to extend zwave that far. can you use an extender? i don’t know if there is any signal there, I think the extender has to see some signal? or could I use another dongle in the shop.


Any plug-in Z-Wave will also act as a repeater, so I would get 2 dimmers or 2 switches (or even convert the closest outlets to Z-Wave). Plug one switch/dimmer into the shop outlet closest to the house and plug the other in the house closest to the shop.

"Z-Wave’s devices can communicate point-to-point for up to 120 feet on their own, but with their ability to hop signals, effective ranges of up to 600 feet are easily achieved, and Z-Wave networks can be linked together for even larger deployments. " - http://www.z-wave.com/faq

thanks Jerry, I will try with the 2 switches.

If the two switches idea doesn’t work, you can deploy a second controller to the workshop (I’m assuming you have WiFi there) and use Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide.

In this way, you will have two separate zwave networks and the remote controller is connected to OH over your LAN.

Thanks Rich, yes there is wifi there. good to have two options.

So I got a switch installed in the shop, and installed a smart outlet outside under a covered deck, the outlet is working good, but the switch in the shop is “offline, unknown device”.it doesn’t look like it is meshing with the plug outside. in habmin, it looks like the outside plug is meshing with a switch inside the house. reading the forums it sounds like habmin might not be to accurate. I will leave it for a bit and see if it heals.

If not I well try “share z-wave over ip” I am not to sure how to set that up.

The link I provide above is a tutorial to do that.