Extending Classic UI

Just wanted to ping the list and see if there are any plans to extend classic ui? I have worked with all the UIs, but currently the one that has the highest wife approval is classic ui. I use it both on the iphone (bunch of limitations) and android phones as well as 20 tablets throughout the house. It would really be nice to break sitemaps up into different files (currently I am at 2,207 lines) and link to sections. It also would be nice to get a little more control of the UI like there is with HABpanel.



I’d also like the ability to define templates and/or macros to avoid duplication and make the site map easier to maintain.

I currently do both of these with M4 macros. I use inotify to rebuild the sitemap automatically when one of the included files or templates change. It would be much nicer if this was an official openHAB feature.

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I’ll just add that at least for splitting up the sitemap into separate files that would be independent of ClassicUI, and therefore work with BasicUI and the phone apps as well.

I try not to rely too heavily on my sitemap so haven’t looked into it but my sitemap is well over 1000 lines and would be a lot easier to work with if it were broken up into several files. Even something relatively simple like SSI would be nice.

As for more control over how the sitemap looks, I saw a posting just today with instructions for how to modify the CSS for BasicUI. Perhaps that approach can be applied to ClassicUI: