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I am converting my home automation server to openHAB running on a Raspberry Pi running DietPi. I installed the openHAB demo, and modified the demo so the frames are organized according to my home. I got nest and few other supported devices working.

In the past, I created some of my own home automation devices. Obviously, they are not supported … yet. I would like to add a link to an unsupported device’s home page until I have time to figure out how to get them supported in openHAB.

In openHAB, is there a way to add a link to an unsupported device on my network?

I would like to see something like: label and button. Clicking on button would take me to the link. In sitemap, I tried variations on:

Text item=MyDevice visibility=[link==“url-ip-address”]

I didn’t try it, but according to this post it should work:

Continuing the discussion from Link Sitemaps:

Thank you. That worked. I modified it a little bit to include an icon:

String linkWAP "<a href=''><img src='/images/wifi.png' width='29' height='29' style=''/>Wireless Access Point</a>"

Does it also work on Habdroid for you?
I can use the link with Firefox, but Habdroid is only showing a label with "<a href=.."

I didn’t try habdroid. It works fine with chrome on android.

I am sure you tried this but just in case: the inner quotes need to be either single quotes or escaped double quotes (").

It is working for me with Firefox and Chrome even with Edge browser, but not with Android or iOS Client…

in openhab 2 I it works with the classic UI but the basic ui just shows the label '<href …

I’ve the same problem as you in my application, and I’m searching a solution: in a browser the link is working, but Habdroid is only showing a href string.
Have you solved?


Also looking into this, how hard is it to modify habdroid to allow the link?

Just curious if anyone got this working with basicui?

It doesn’t work for me in the basic ui either (classic is fine) but what I noticed is that if you put in a nonexistent sitemap then it will give you a list of all your sitemaps as links which you can then click on.