F7-swiper - how do I dynamically change which slide to show


I know f7-swiper has initialSlide config, but that’s not what I want.

I want to load f7-swiper with, say 100 slides, and using an openhab Number item, I want to be able to make the f7-swiper go to the Nth slide, depending on what’s in the Number item’s content.

Basically I want to make a photo frame that automatically advances to the next slide every N minutes, but also allows the ability to jump to a specific slide (commanded from a grid of thumbnails or slide roll). If the f7-swiper component has a “gotoSlide” config that I can link with an item, that would make this work, i.e. gotoSlide: =items.SlideNumber.state, or even gotoSlide: =vars.slideNumber which the slideNumber variable can be set with oh-button or others.

How can this be done?

The swiper itself has a slideTo method Swiper API that can be used to achieve this. It seems that this isn’t implemented yet on mainui.