Fade in of Shelly dimmer through HomeKit integration

Question on fading with Shelly dimmer. I integrated it with HomeKit through the OpenHab Shelly binding (version 2.5.6). The fade rate for the dimmer in the Shelly app is put to 3000 ms.
When turning off the light in HomeKit, it nicely fades out. But when turning on the light it immediately goes to 100%, without fading in.
Turning off the light in the Shelly app does make it fade out. So the issue would be in OpenHab or the Shelly binding. Anyone has experience with that or knows a solution here ? Thanks !

try to add dimmerMode="filterOnExceptBrightness100 to homekit configuration,


Dimmer dimmer_light_3	"Dimmer Light 3" 	 {homekit="Lighting, Lighting.Brightness" [dimmerMode="filterOnExceptBrightness100"]}
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