"Failed to start Login Service" Openhabian RasberryPI 3

Hello! System was good a lot of time (near one year). But at one day openhabian didn`t boot. Booting process interrupt added with this picture.
How can I solve this problem?

Raspberry PI?
Your SD card might have had it.
Do you have a recent backup?

Yes. Raspberry PI seems working: it boots with another card

Not recent(

May be, but I made image of this sd card without errors by reading.

So, if this problem can solve only by reinstall all openhabian - thus ok, I willl do this. But it may solve by changing some booting files… Unfortunately I don`t know Linux OS rather well.

Making an image of a faulty card will only result in a faulty image. There will be no error when making the copy.

If you didn’t make any changes to the boot files before this error occured I you recommend that you get yourself a new SD card and install a new openHabian on it and then copy your OH files to it

I made image after boot failing (took sd card to my notebook and made image by “usb image tool”).

Problem is that I don`t have recent backup. And dont see the partition of sd with OH files in Windows 8.

So if the problem only in corrupted boot files, its seems to easly way to change this files.

did you manage to solve this issue? or did you do a clean install?
I have the same issue and really do not want to re-install again.
issue happened to me twice already

I made new installation on SSD.(I has enough backup) Dont use SD cards - its don`t like continues recording.

Just for case I write all steps: I bought external HDD box for 3,5" (I wanted external power supple) with USB.
Mount here SSD with SATA and connect all to USB of Raspberry.
Made new installation openhabian on SSD, not SD card.

Steps to install on USB instead SD card (works only with Raspberry 3 not 1, 2):

  1. https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/bootmodes/msd.md
  2. If all boots ok from USB - you are lucky)). Else http://forum.amperka.ru/threads/Установка-os-для-raspberry-на-внешний-hdd.10058/
    Short translation: you need bootable SD card with Raspbian Lite (or Openhabian). You need to download BerryBoot https://www.berryterminal.com/doku.php/berryboot Insert card to PC with Windows, delete all files from FAT partition, copy here BerryBoot files. Safelly remove SD card from PC and insert it to Raspberry. Connect USB disc to Raspberry. Power Raspberry. Wait for booting. After all select destination drive - USB disc and wait when Raspian (or Openhabian) is installing. After all you will get Raspian (Openhabian) that boot directly from USB drive. Get out SD card and forget about it)).