Failing to include zwave device

I’m trying to include a new device to my zwave network. It is a Neo Leakage sensor that should be in the database (I think it is this one: ZWave Thing | openHAB).
I do the inclusion, but the interrogation doesn’t seem to finish. I get the included log (we are talking about node 18), nothing more. No XML-file is added to the userdata/zwave for node 18. I have tried this on two different OH setups with different zwave controllers, but the result is the same.
What am I doing wrong?
openhab.log.220208_4.log (543.0 KB)

Did you wake up the device a few times while you’re trying to include it?

Yes, at least some 5 times during discovery and 50 times in total…

The log file looks like after a restart. Try to get a debug log while waking the device, maybe twice 10 seconds apart. Need to see a “Node is Awake” message and what happens after that.

Also to make sure your device and the DB are the same, compare these numbers.


That’s correct. These lines are from a restart. After booting up and the z-wave controller came back online I woke up the device several times, but nothing showed up from that.

That is not a good sign. using the log viewer it looks like the last Node 18 entry is waiting NIF. With your comment about waking, that seems to indicate the radio waves are not getting through. Is it close to the controller? Try a fresh battery


Im within a meter or so. The device is brand new, but who knows, might be worth trying to replace or at least measure the battery! Its LED seems bright at least…

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