Failure ZWave Database? Fibaro motion Sensor FW 2.7

I‘m testing with newest snapshot of Zwave binding from yesterday.

Until snapshot 1512 the sensor shows motion fine.

With newer version the sensor doesn’t show motion, every motion is send to channel general_alarm and motion is allways off.

Was there a change in the Database?

Edit: newer FW 3.2, 3.4 works fine

Hi Jens,

i use the FGMS001 along with the newest snapshot binding too.
My experience is that i have to set association group 2 “Motion” to “Controller” to receive messages from the motion sensor.
Don’t know where i can discover the firmware level.


I ll try that. Firmware Level you can see in PaperUI at the things, Klick in show properties

Is “versionMin” the firmware level? It shows 3.2
As i said above, without setting association group 2 to controller the updates from motion detector are still missing in my case.

VersionMin is the Version from database Profile.

zwave_version (Bottom) is the Version of your Device.

Now I know your version is 3.2 or newer. Those work fine here.