Fakro AMZ/F Solar Awning blinds. Device appears to be missing from database

Hi guys

I have just added my new Fakro AMZ/F Solar Awning blinds to my network but it does not appear to be in the database:


It is most likely identical to Fakros other Solar powered Awning Blinds
What is the procedure to get it added?

network_f720c677__node_13.xml (5.3 KB)


Isn’t this just the zwave module which is built into the awning?
I guess we just need to add your device type and id to the existing database entry:

It is sold as an integrated unit. It is properly identical to the “regular” AMZ (your link). This is just for flat roofs. The AMZ exists in both a solar and non-solar version. I am not sure if they differ.
It does look like these two are different:


Do you want me to submit my xml file as a new device?

That makes a difference: Listening true means a mains powered device which is always listening to the controller, frequently listening true means it is a kind of battery operated (solar operated) device which only wakes up occasionaly to send data to the controller.

I suggest to submit your xml as a new device. Do you already have db access?

I do not have access, but I will create an account and submit it.

Great. To not loose time if Chris makes a database update I already submitted the basics:


Please add a manual, a product image and fill the necessary config parameters. :grinning:

Will do. Thank you

It looks like I need an administrators permission to edit.
But here is the requested:
Product photo

Yes, you need to email Chris to get edit rights.

Thanks, most of the database is finished, please verify as soon as you have the device in operation. Have fun.

Wow great!
I will look forward for the update and report back.

Do we not need to set

  • Basic Class
  • Generic Class
  • Specific Class

in Device Overview for the entry to be accepted?

They are set in Endpoint 0

I’m not sure, but I don’t think it is essential.
Watch the github repo for zwave https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave/tree/master/ESH-INF/thing/fakro and try it with the current database settings. (the changes are not merged yet, so you need to wait a couple of days until the next update)
If it works leave it as it is, if it does not work try to change it :grinning:

I have tested the new binding and it works great.
Just one small bug´in the database entry:

Parameter 2:
Label Season
Allowable Range 0 to 1
1 – summer
2 – winter

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Off topic: Asbjørn how do you like your awning blinds? What size do you have? I am in the process of ordering for our new house and would like to hear others experiences?

I have the 90x120cm size.
The blinds appear to be good build quality and they work perfect.
The only things I am a bit disappointed in is the z-wave interface is limited to the absolute minimal. There is no possibility for percentage position. Only open/close and stop mid movement. And you cannot read the temperature sensor, battery level or solar intensity.

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