Fakro ZWS12 nolonger recognized, incorrect database entry?

I have several of the exact same Fakro ZWS12 chain actuators in use and they work fine.
Today I wanted to install the last one I have had disconnected for a while that I had tested working half a year ago.
When I include it is not recognized and the log just says
NODE 15: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0085:0002:0001::4.13
The other similar devices reports same in the log, but they are working. Properly because they were initialized a year ago.
When looking it up in the database. I notice it was updated 3 month ago and the following:

Firmware Versions All up to 1.255

Mine are all firmware version 4.13. network_f720c677__node_15.xml (6.6 KB)

I am updated to latest snapshot.
How do I fix this? Is it a database issue or a problem on my side?


It looks like the changes 3 month ago are from this thread

The firmware version limit should only be for type 0x0003 not all ZWS12 type ids especially not 0x0002


Unfortunately it looks like a real mess (and a firmware problem from Fakro):

@chris, could we do something like:

device type id firmware
ZWS12 0003 0001 up to 2.0
ARZ 0003 0001 2.1 to 2.1
ZWS12 0003 0001 from 2.2

So basically we create another device (a clone from ZWS12) and set new firmware limits.
Or we just remove 0003:0001 from ZWS12 and advise those users to contact Fakro for a firmware update (not the best option but I don’t think we should fix device firmware errors in the zwave openHAB database)

If these type/ids are correct, and unique, then yes we can do this - I would prefer to keep them the same database if we could, but if they are really unique, then it’s fine to split it out. It just means having to maintain more database entries for “the same” device which tends to cause other problems…


I tried to post a comment to put a cross reference but comments function doesn’t seem to work.

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Thank you so much!

I can hardly wait for it to make it into the next snapshot.

What didn’t work (or, what happened)? I don’t see any problem myself and others are occasionally leaving comments ok.

Leaving a comment.


This morning a captcha showed up, I solved it and after hitting “Send” nothing happened. The comment did not save.
I tried again 2 minutes ago, no captcha is showing up, checkmark is green, but it does not save (see animated gif).
Firefox 67.0.4 (64-Bit)
Edit: tried it with Chrome, same thing, comment isn’t saved.

Ok, thanks. Maybe this is broken after the server reinstall a couple of weeks back. I’ll take a look at that later today.

Looks like there is a problem with the captcha:


I’m not seeing that here - Captcha seems to work ok, but the comments aren’t being posted. I did look at that last weekend, but couldn’t find anything that’s misconfigured (there’s nothing much to configure in the comments plugin).

I just noticed an error on the screen here at least - it seems that the comments system, which has not been updated for a while, is not compatible with the latest PHP. I’ve found a fix, but need to see how to install it.

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Ok, it should now be fixed. Let me know if you’re still having problems with it.

Captcha seems to now have an invisible mode (or maybe it’s just not working - but I did read it can run invisibly, so as long as I don’t start getting SPAM, I’ll leave it :slight_smile: ).

Yepp, working :+1:

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