False Motion Alerts from Zooz 4-in-1 (ver 2.0) Sensors

Hi All!

I have 2 Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 sensors and am running openHAB (Release Build) on a Raspberry Pi 3 B.

After setting some very basic rules to switch on lights on Motion I have discovered that I am getting false motion alerts, around once a day and usually overnight. Both of these sensors are in rooms with closed doors, one a shower/bathroom and one a Laundry closet with washer and dryer in it. Both sensors are displaying the same behaviour, last night one triggered at around 02:20am and one at 04:30am. I’ve tried reducing the sensitivity which has not helped and searching other posts the closest I’ve found is this:

where the device was reporting false motion alerts on wake up but I dont think that’s my issue as the binary_sensor isn’t in the data base any more and I’m using the Alarm (motion) Channel.

I’ve looked at the events.log and can see the false motion detection and then the lights turning on but cant work out what is causing this as there is nothing in the openhab.log at corresponding times. My next thought was to move both sensors to the same room to see if they both trigger at the same time.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour or able to suggest what else I should look at or what I might be missing?


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Did you set the zwave binding to DEBUG mode? That is the only chance to see if the trigger is coming from the device or some misconfiguration (or a bad rule).

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I am working with Zooz & their store thesmartesthouse.com to better support OpenHAB as a recognized system. They now list us on their store as compatible. They are also promising to send us new products on the day of release so we can add support.

That database listing was modified AFTER 2.4 was released. Perhaps updating to a snapshot binding using the manual script could help.

EDIT: The store link for OpenHAB devices.


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Rang a bell with me for this thread. After system load, or editing, a battery device wakes up later with a routine update causing the nausea

In that case, updating the binding may help since Chris made some changes after 2,4 to help address this.

Hi sihui,

No, I’ve not done that, I’ll try DEBUG logging and see what shows up, thanks for taking the time to reply!

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You should update the binding first though. There were changes to help with the similar issues linked in the other thread.

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Ok, thanks Bruce will do that as well.

@Bruce_Osborne, is this the link I should be using for the latest zwave binding:



I strongly recommend using the script because there are one or two dependencies needed too. I know the README file has the manual installation instructions too.

ok, will find the script and use that.


That is a very clever idea and if the new binding does not cure your issue, I would try

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Thanks @Bruce_Osborne, I just need some time to do it now!! :wink:

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I removed my zwave things, upgraded to the latest version of the zwave binding using the script and then re-added my things but unfortunately I am still seeing the same behaviour where the motion sensor state changed to ON in the early hours of the morning, turning my lights on.

I’ll set the DEBUG log level this evening to see what else might be happening around the same time.

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Have you tried adjusting the motion sensor sensitivity (configuration parameter 6) ?

EDIT: If the sensors act differently side by side you may have a defective sensor. I have found Zooz support to be very helpful.

I recal some previous thread (cannot find it now) where small hours ghosts were eventually linked to a system backup / reboot at 0100 or something. Then, the first time the battery sensors checked in afterwards …

Can we see an events.log at least ?

Try changing the network heal time or turn off the daily heal to see if it helps?