Fatek Plc

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It wolud be great if we would have a kind of database of ladder programs that would implement basic smart activities like dimmers, roller shutters, lights, scenes etc. ready to use in conjuction with OpenHAB.

But if you do not know the ladder, this database will be useless, the ladder is specific, sometimes it is easier to write the code from scratch than to adopt it.

BTW. I currently rather recommend to use modbus binding instead of fatek binding as it works in my opinion currently much better (in opposite to the previous generation of modbus binding).

Why? Modbus binding is only TCP, Fatek binding works on UDP wich is much faster and does not load the local network so much, opposition to TCP.

You must convert the value 1-800 to the percentage of 1-100%, then control register with 1-100% from OH.

All you can find here You can addopt N243 to N262 its shades control. There is also a dimmer program there, but it works a bit differently because it’s Modbus dimmer.

Maybe modbus binding will be more easy for me, but as I said I have 4 fatek plc and I done with 3 of them, everything works great on OpenHAB.

Modbus works the some like Fatek you also can read/write register, coils, contacts etc.

I only say this from practical experience. Certainly UDP is faster, however the difference is, I believe, in the current implementation of the bindings. I have hundreds of markers and outputs and when I was using fatek binding I have had unacceptable lags. It just works better with current modbus binding.

Hundreds? in a house of about 200m2 I have never exceeded a 100, now i have about 80 Fatek items there are markers, registers, contacts and coils. With 100ms refres I didn’t notice any delays.

So I had lags up to 1,2s. I’m not sure where was the issue. I have pointed it out to the binding author but with no response. Anyway, I’m not implying that something is better or worse, just use what is better for you. Cheers.

You may find this relevant to both Modbus and, at least in part, to Fatek binding

Hi… i wanna Know can i use FBs-CBE for control my fatek plc via openhab?

Sure, you can use FBs-CBE.

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hi rafael
I can not change fatek plc discrete input while it is running… it changes just when plc is in stop mode… can you help me… best regards

You can’t because you use an X or M marker that you want to control, more than once in a ladder.
Everything is in this Topic, in post 11 you will find link to another thread with pdw files which I’m using.
Best Regards

i wanna change X0 or X1 online … but i can’t… can u help me please
what should i do?

This should work, show me your .items please. And what you see in the log.

This did not work… i define M0 and use it … M0 or M1 or M2 … they change while plc is running

Hi Rafal
when my plc turned off… all outputs got back to zero value … what should i do when we met black out to restore previous values?

Hi, Markers, Registers and Counters are divided in Fatek into: retentive and non retentive. Manual, chapter 3. You can also set the desired M, R or C to retentive, or you can do it in OH by presistence.
Trust me that X also work with OH, but it is good practice to map X and Y to M. One more thing, your ladder will not work with physical switches. In OH, you use (bistable) switches, while your wall switches are actually (monostable) contacts.

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Thank you very much rafal

Hi Rafal
I disconnected plc from network
then i turned one of the plc’s retentive memory on
when i connected plc to network again , on command did not apply to plc.
what should i do in these situation that plc is disconnected from network?


on command did not apply to plc

You mean X not react?
Can you see PLC in Fatek Ethernet Module Configuration tool?
Did you run PLC in WinProladder (F9)?
BTW you can program PLC over TCP or UDP without disconnecting it.

Every thing is ok when i connect network cable to CBE module … but when i disconnect cable from CBE and turn output ON, it did not apply when i connect the cable again … i mean i expect output to turn ON after connecting PLC to network

I think It depends on which ON or OFF state is toggled in OH. Disconnecting from the network is not the same as turning off the power. You can do a test, for example: set Y1 to ON, then just cut the PLC power OFF then turn ON, if Y1 is on, your retentive registers are working.