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I have a twelve year old VIPA 100 series PLC running my home automation (came with the house).

The HMI is from COPDATA Zenon 6.22 to a VIPA CE Touchpad.

The system runs the interior and exterior lights, dimming of lights, room temperature sensors affecting radiator and underfloor heating actuators, irrigation, garage door opener and few other things I’m sure. It does work but the HMI is clearly dated.

I have separate central alarm system with various motion sensors and cameras also. And also a separate fire and smoke alarm system.

The VIPA CPU has a Siemens UPS and there is also an EREA 24v power supply.

These are the VIPA components;

1 x CPU 214 NET

16 x 8 Digital Output 230v/5A

1 x 16 Digital Output 24v 2A

1 x 8 Digital Output 24v 1A

1 x 8 Digital Input 24v

1 x Profi Bus DP Master IM208 DP

1 x Modbus TCP slave Module, IM253 NET running Siemens S5 Protocol

1 x 4-port switch CM240

Its rather ugly inside the main cabinet as you can see. PLC on the left side. Its getting old and many components are not upgradable nor available.

Would it be possible to build an open system using the Controllino system and openHAB as the HMI?

What do you think?

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Riga, Latvia

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The answer to your question depends on your user story, your budget (money and time), your skills, …

  • User story A: I want to upgrade my whole system to current and future-proof standards in home automation.

    My answer: Have your system converted to KNX/EIB and use the KNX Binding to interface to openHAB.

  • User story B: I am a licensed/certified electrician and talented programmer and I want to upgrade my system myself.

    My answer: Controllino might be an option, one way to interface to openHAB would be to use MQTT. Don’t underestimated the time required to get all things up and running. Always keep maintainability in mind.

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Thank you Ap15e. All opinions welcomed. Keith

Welcome to the openHAB community!

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