Feature Request: Flag to view status of condition on rules

I don’t know if openHAB accept features request, but it may help a lot to have a flag or color that shows the state of conditions in rules on the UI. I Have a rule that is not running sometimes and it have a lot of conditions and it is a pain to go to items and back to rules to check the status (Yes, I could filter and so, but some items depend on other rules so…).

A green or red flag indicating which conditions are GO an which are NO GO would simplify the debugging process of complex rules.

Feature requests are encouraged. This is a request pertaining to the MainUI so you would file the request as an issue in that repo:

If you’ve never filed a request before through github, you may find this guide useful:

As for the request itself, I think it’s an interesting idea. In the meantime, you don’t have to “go to items and back to rules to check the status” if you take advantage of the developer tool bar (alt + shift + D). There you can quickly build a list of items which will show you their current state in that sidebar so you can seem them in real time while you are working on the rule page.


In addition to the developer sidebar, which I highly encourage you use for this unless and until your feature request gets implemented, I recommend merging complex rule conditions into a Script Condition. Why? Because in a Script Condition you can add logging to tell you exactly why the rule was allowed to run or not. Then you don’t have to go back and forth to the developer sidebar even. You can just watch the logs.

Rule foo is not allowed to run because Item Bar is OFF and Item Baz < 20 °C.

Rule foo is not allowed to run because now isBetweenTimes('23:00', '08:00') is true.

Set these log statements to debug and you can turn them back on and off through the logging config, or you can remove them once everything works.

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Developer sidebar! I had missed that tool totally. Thanks for that!

Logs inside the script works great, but sometimes the result of the rule is so simple (turn on something) that I start with the UI and a couple of conditions that start to get complex as I find new possible scenarios.

Anyway, it will be a good exercise to learn how to request features on Git. I’ve never done that.

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