Feature Request: Sonos Binding: Favorites Management

My primary scenario for having invested in OpenHab is to enable a great remote experience for my home automation. In thinking about the sonos experience, what I realized that that I would like to be able to manage playlists something like how you can configure favorites in a car radio.
Trying to have a way to enter names, relies on configuring the experience away from its usage, and also requires the playlist to be present in Sonos as a favorite. The conclusion I came to, would it be great if while playing a playlist if the addon supported saving that playlist with an app/rule based key (a string). Then have a corresponding API that could be used to play a playlist based on the key.

The way I would expect this to be used is to map the key to buttons in an app, or a physical remote control. Then have an action to persist the current queue as a playlist to one of those keys. In my case that would be 0-9 and possibly colors. On the remote, I could then press 0-9 and re-load that playlist and play it again.

I this something that would belong in the binding?